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I’m not just a traveler. I’m also a freelance writer!

Looking for personal essays? Guest blog posts? Destination reviews? Contact me to discuss options!

I specialize in writing about travel and personal finance. I even like to combine the two and write about budget travel!

What Others Have to Say

“Laura Grace is a highly skilled and reliable writer. She was an easy edit who consistently pitched creative, well-thought-out ideas for the website. It was a pleasure to work with Laura Grace, and I enthusiastically recommend her writing services!” – Kathleen Garvin, Editor & Marketing Strategist at The Penny Hoarder

“Laura Grace Tarpley is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable asset to my travel blog, Tourist Meets Traveler. Not only is Laura Grace a detail-oriented and consummate professional who can be relied upon without question, but she is also a gifted writer. Having owned and operated large successful blogs for the past decade and worked with over 200 writers over this period I can say that Laura Grace is in the top 10. I recommend Laura Grace without reservation for any writing job.” – Annemarie Leblanc, Owner/Editor at Tourist Meets Traveler

“Laura Grace is a perceptive and open-minded traveler setting off to and working in some unconventional locales. She has written good articles for GoMad Nomad Travel Mag on more than one occasion, following the guidelines and matching the style of our publication. She is easy to work with and I look forward to a long-term working relationship.” – Stephen Bugno, Owner/Editor at GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

Find my full, up-to-date portfolio here.

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Personal Finance

“How I Had My Dream Wedding with 190 Guests on an $8k Budget” – The Penny Hoarder

“How Soon After My Wedding Can I Ask My Parents for Money?” – The Billfold

Budget Travel

“What It Costs: A Day of Travel in Taipei” – GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

“Here’s How You Can Spend 6 Months in New Zealand, Even If You’re Not Rich” – The Penny Hoarder


Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to talking with you!