A few hours ago, The Husband received a phone call.

Apparently, we are Hilton Honors members. I had completely forgotten. We signed up about a year ago to get a discount on our hotel for our wedding night. (Because yes, we even seek out discounts for important events like our honeymoon.)

Because we’re members, The Husband got a phone call today offering a super-duper-discounted three-day stay in a Hilton hotel in Orlando, plus a Bahamian cruise, for next to nothing.

Instead of hanging up on the sales pitch, he actually talked to the employee, because we love cheap travel.

However, since we would have had to make a $200 down payment on the spot, he said no. Plus, we had the feeling there was more to it than the guy was telling us.

Even if it was as good as it sounded, though, we also said no for one more important reason … Frankly, we could not care less about going to Orlando. And I couldn’t care less about that cruise.

Sorry if I just offended everyone who thinks Florida and cruises are two ingredients for the most magical vacation recipe of all time. I’m just not a beach gal! Have you seen how pale I am? A week long cruise AND time in Orlando? I would have skin cancer by the time we arrived back in Georgia.

But yeah, we were tempted, simply because we are travelers. But why go somewhere just to go somewhere?

After so much time traveling over the past few years, The Husband has become fed up with “backpacker bros,” which he defined to me as travelers who aren’t interested in going places to experience the culture–instead, they go to places just for the sake of going. They just want to cross it off the great and powerful Travel Bucket List.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Travel Bucket List as much as the next nomad. I have my own. In fact, I update it frequently.

But for those of us wrapped up in the travel community, we can feel a lot of pressure to always be going somewhere. Maybe just for the sake of maintaining our traveler identity. Maybe because a certain part of the world is really popular right now. (There are always travel and destination trends!)

But let’s not go just to go. Let’s think about what we really want to get out of our experiences. 

Instead of going to Orlando, I’ll save up for a trip to French Canada to study the language. Or to Eastern Europe to take in the history. Or maybe I’ll go backpacking in California.

Better to travel less often and more meaningfully, in my opinion.

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