September is coming to an end!

As always, there were many fab travel blog posts all over the Internet this month.

Here are my four favorites from September 2017.

1. “Should you go on vacation if you have debt?” – Making Sense of Cents

I love that Michelle has started including so much travel info on her personal finance blog. Because the two are so heavily related for us travelers! When it comes to big trips, money matters.

And this is a huge question. We don’t want to ignore our debts. But if we’re passionate about travel, do we really want to limit ourselves just because we have debt?

It depends.

My favorite quote:

“See, I believe the key is finding a healthy balance. Luckily, I didn’t have any super high-interest rate debt, so going on vacation didn’t stress me out as bad or derail my financial progress. I also didn’t add to my debt by going on vacation, and I knew not to splurge on travel either.”

And that’s why budget travel is so important.

2. “Why You Should Skip Boston and Head to These 5 Cities Instead” – GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Boston. Half my family is from Boston!

I just really appreciate the bigger picture in this post. Too often, we focus on the most popular/touristy parts of an area. We should really do our research to find out what else is out there.

Especially if we want to experience a place as the locals do.

3. “Must-dos on any North Island road trip” – Young Adventuress

I love this blog post because I lived on New Zealand’s North Island for six months. So often, the North Island is ignored. Tourists flock to the South Island, and I just want justice for the North!

So thanks, Liz, for giving the island a little credit.

Favorite quote:

“In many ways [the North Island] feels like the cliche ‘real New Zealand,’ with bigger cities, has a more local vibe with plenty of culture to be had, whereas the South Island definitely can feel more touristy, clean cut and privileged.”

I like this quote because I think of the South Island as the “real New Zealand,” because that’s what everyone sees. Liz views it the opposite way, though.

It’s like I said about the GoMad Nomad blog post. It’s important to see more than only what other tourists see. It’s important to see what locals experience. And over 75% of New Zealand’s residents live on the North Island.

4. “Let’s Talk About the Wilderness” – Em the Explorer

This piece points out that wilderness, as well as travel in general, help put our life in check. They make us let go, because we have so little control.

As a major worrier/control freak, I needed to read this.

Favorite quote:

“Why has the wilderness become one of my biggest passions over the last couple years?  Because just like travel, it reminds me that life has forces out of my control; forces that will challenge me, build my grit and draw me back to my essential self.”