Cairns budget travel
Cairns, Australia

It’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate for budget travel.

Too often, many of us compartmentalize the “responsible” parts of our lives and the “fun” parts of our lives.

“Well, in this box I have my grocery list for the week, which is on a tight budget of $54.39. But in THIS box I have my vacation to Maui, which has no budget whatsoever! Because, obviously, there is no limit to how many fruity cocktails I’ll want to drink on the gorgeous beach.”

Written out this way, that mindset looks stupid. But I’ve suffered from it. I’m less hesitant to be financially responsible when I travel, because, “I’m on vacation!”

I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve stayed in hotels when I probably should have booked a hostel. I’ve eaten in touristy (read: expensive) parts of town just because I was so freaking hungry.


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Prague budget travel
Prague, Czech Republic

Then I return home, check my bank account, and fall into an anxious, shameful spiral. I vow to never buy anything again. Except, oh crap, my car’s gas tank is empty.

I don’t want to cut my expenses on vacation. That doesn’t sound very vacation-y.

But the truth is, many of us just can’t afford to go on a luxurious holiday while¬†also being able to cover rent and utilities, feed the dog, fill up our gas tanks, and pay our phone bills.

Plus, what about our savings accounts? Our retirement accounts? If we also want to get a leg up, financially speaking, we need to learn to travel on a budget!

Cameroon budget travel
Playing with goats in Cameroon

Thankfully, there are plenty of easy, non-depressing ways to do so.

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Remember, this blog is about getting people where they want to go. If you want to get anywhere, you’re gonna have to be able to afford to do so.

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