About Let’s Go, Tarpley!

Thanks for stopping by “Let’s Go, Tarpley!”

My name is Laura Grace Tarpley, and my friends call me Laura Grace. I am a traveler and writer. Crossword junkie. Nap enthusiast. Atrocious cook.

This blog has four main objectives:

  1. To provide you with tips about traveling and moving abroad
  2. To share my personal experiences as a nomad trying to figure everything out (usually pretty clumsily)
  3. To connect with fellow travelers and bloggers!
  4. Most importantly, to give an honest look at life as a traveler. Life abroad isn’t all beautiful Instagram photos and careless frolicking. Sometimes, it totally sucks. Other times, it’s incredible, but not in the ways you expected. I want to be transparent in my posts, for all our sakes.

Take a look around. Don’t be afraid to contact me or to ask about working with me.

All the best,

Laura Grace Tarpley