Here’s a fun little thing I’d like to start writing at the end of each month: “My {X} Favorite Travel Blog Posts From {Month}.”

I want to write these posts for a few different reasons.

First, these posts usually inspire me, so I want to share them with others.

Second, some of them provide practical, helpful information that I think would be useful to my readers. (That’s you!)

Third, community. While some of these will be big companies’/publications’ blogs, others are by personal travel bloggers. In the blogging community, it’s important to support each other.

Here we go! My four favorite pieces about travel in June.

1. “Why We Need to Let Go of the Stories We Create About Ourselves”The Culture-ist

This piece deals with identity. These days, we tend to base our identities on either what we post on social media (a very easy travel blogger mistake to make) or on our careers. But neither of those things makes us who we are as people.

Favorite quote:

“…at the heart of each of our stories we all share the same theme: we are human. Yes, we may be poets, writers and dancers, athletes and mathematicians, but these vocations are not our story, they are simply one of many paths we take in the great journey of life.”

2. “I moved my kids out of America. It was the best parenting decision I’ve ever made.”  – The Week

Although I’m not a parent, I relate to this article in a big way. Like the writer, I’m often insecure about moving abroad, especially as a married couple, because some people think it’s the wrong decision.

Favorite quote:

“Theme parks and big animal attractions just aren’t a thing here … While some might say my children have been denied a crucial childhood experience, I would argue the opposite … They’ve never met Snow White, but they have bicycled through a living forest of poison-apple trees.”

3. “7 Travel Bloggers Reveal How They Travel Despite Student Loan Debt” Student Loan Hero

I love Student Loan Hero’s resources, but I especially love the blog. Lots of helpful insights in those blog posts!

I’m also biased toward this piece because the wonderful Susan Shain featured me in it. See #6!

You readers know I’m all about your finances not holding you back when it comes to travel! Thus, I freaking love this post.

Favorite quote:

“But if you have student loans, you might think your only option is to spend your days on Instagram, scrolling past the magic you wish you could experience.”

4. “10 thoughts I’ve had as a traveling homebody”Young Adventuress

I used to be such an extrovert. But for some reason, the more I travel, the more introverted I become. Maybe that’s just part of getting older, too.

This piece humorously depicts what goes on in our minds when we feel we have a split personality: The Traveler and The Homebody.

Favorite quote:

“Often when I am home (like right now) I spend hours daydreaming of places I want to be. My house is covered in maps. But when I’m traveling, all I dream about is when I get to sleep in my own bed.”

There ya go! My four favorite travel blog posts from June. Which is a surprisingly small number, considering how much time I spend reading blogs. It’s an embarrassing amount of time, guys.